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Compelling St. Louis Foundation Crack Repair is Our Specialty!

Our top priority is to give customers high-quality foundation crack repair in St. Louis. When a foundation has a crack, it is imperative to have an experienced set of eyes looking it over because based on how the crack presents, it could mean there are bigger underlying problems.

The good news is our team of expert foundation contractors has the methods, tools, and equipment to get your foundation fixed and performing as it should. Safety is at the forefront of our operation, and when cracks plague your foundation, it can be a security problem for your home or commercial property.

The best service we can offer is a FREE inspection to determine why and how the crack happened in the first place. From there, we'll get a repair plan in place.

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foundation crack repair st. louis
st. louis foundation crack repair

How Can Foundation Crack Repair in St. Louis Benefit You?

It's true that not all foundation cracks are equal. Some are very damaging, while others simply represent the normal lifespan of a cement structure. However, the only way to truly know is by having a meticulous inspection performed by a licensed and insured contractor.

Check out the benefits of prompt crack repair:

  • Boosts Curb Appeal - Let's face it. Having a big old crack on the side of your house isn't fun to look at, especially from the street. Are you trying to sell your home? A foundational crack can make it a deal-breaker at first sight!
  • Improves Safety - Did you know that cracks in the foundation can pose both health and safety risks? Cracks often lead to leaks, and leaks lead to mold growth, which can harm your wellbeing.
  • Paves the Way for Upgrades - When we set out to repair your foundation's cracks, we'll often discover underlying problems that require intervention, thus resulting in upgrades to old and outdated structures under your home.
  • Avoid Lender Roadblocks - Even if you find a buyer who doesn't mind foundation cracks, the lending company may pump the brakes until the problem is fixed. Prompt crack repair will help you avoid running into any seller problems when your home is on the market.

You really can't go wrong with concrete foundation crack repair in St. Louis. Would you like a FREE inspection? Call us now, and we'll put you on our schedule.

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Do You Have Foundation Cracks? Get St. Louis Repair Services NOW!

The longer the cracks in your foundation are left neglected, the worse off they will become over time, especially if they are sinister in nature. Did you know that how a crack presents determines whether it will cause bigger problems down the road? It also signifies whether there are underlying issues that need to be addressed. Once we discover the type of crack you have, we'll put together a repair protocol to get your foundation crack repair in St. Louis taken care of ASAP.

This can include polyurethane injection in mild cases and house leveling in more difficult situations. In addition, having cracks can lead to leaks in your basement or crawl space, and those leaks can often encourage mold growth, which is a major health hazard for your family. Our job is to keep cracks sealed up and prevent mold and mildew from manifesting due to prolonged moisture exposure.

Get in touch with us now to set up an appointment with our team so we can get to the bottom of your foundation repair service needs.

foundation crack repair inspection st. louis
foundation crack repair service st. louis

Got Foundation Cracks? Our St. Louis Team Can Repair them!

There's no time like the present to have those cracks in your St. Louis foundation addressed! You can count on our team of wise and experienced contractors to give you quick answers and results for all types of foundation crack repair in St. Louis. We only use industry-leading tools and equipment that leave your foundation fully intact and repaired. Our goal is to ensure your house stands on solid ground.

We also offer commercial foundation crack repair services for our fellow business owners. Do you have an insurance claim to file? Allow our company to do it for you. We strive to make foundation repair easy on all fronts.

Feel free to call, email, or visit our blog for more information. We're a team that'll stand by you through the entire foundation repair process, guaranteed!



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- Neil Y.

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When your foundation isn't performing as it should, please call St. Louis Foundation Repair & Waterproofing professionals for answers! Our team specializes in a variety of services, such as full-scale foundation repair, waterproofing, crawl space care, and residential and commercial services. Also, know that our inspections are free of charge, and we offer the lowest rates in the state!

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