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Are you dealing with cracks or leaks in your foundation? We know this can be unnerving for both the home and business owner. After all, the foundation of your property is what holds the structure together. At St. Louis Foundation Repair & Waterproofing, we value prompt, affordable service that pinpoints the problem's underlying cause.

Our team works hard to get your foundation functioning as it should again. The safety of your home or office is paramount, and a well-working foundation has a lot to do with structural soundness. Our foundation repair services always begin with a thorough inspection.

We're experienced and skilled when it comes to locating foundational problems. After finding what is causing your home's foundation damages, we'll develop a plan to get it fixed right away. You can count on all of our services to be affordable and backed by exclusive warranties. Call us today to schedule your FREE estimate.

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Fearless Foundation Inspection in St. Louis, MO!

Our contractors are not scared of any foundation inspection, no matter how rickety the house appears. We have the tools and safety equipment to meticulously assess the foundation and determine whether it is salvageable or not. During the inspection, our team will look for cracks and how they present, leaks, and much more. Once we find something that should not be part of a healthy foundation, we'll note the issue and investigate how it started.

The key to a successful foundation inspection is locating the root cause of any cracks or leaks so that the repair plan can tackle the underlying problem. It's wise for every home and business owner to have a professional foundation inspection. Are you ready for yours?

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St. Louis Foundation Experts Offer Pro Crack Repair

When it comes to concrete foundations, they are all prone to cracking, especially when there is an extreme fluctuation in seasonal temperatures. We want to make it clear that not all cracks are problematic. There are specific characteristics that determine whether a crack is going to go south or not. The key is having a licensed and knowledgeable foundation crack repair specialist make this determination.

For example, cracks that are horizontal in nature and are thicker than 1/8 of an inch in with are alarming. Don't worry! Our contractors have access to prime-time tools, equipment, and materials that will get your foundation back in tip-top shape. Let's get you on our schedule today for an assessment. Call us now!

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Do You Think You Need House Leveling in St. Louis?

It's hard for the average person to know whether they need house leveling in St. Louis or not, and that's understandable. We hire extremely talented and highly-skilled contractors who can spot an uneven house in seconds. Here's what we look for:

  • Windows & doors that don't open or close properly
  • Cracks on interior floors & walls
  • Basement cracks & leaks
  • Exterior foundations racks

If you place a ball on your floor, and immediately it rolls toward the other side of the room, you may have a foundation issue. House leveling is the perfect solution for homes that are sinking in spots due to soil expansion. Our company has everything needed to move your foundation as close as possible to its original position. Learn more by visiting our blog.

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Prompt & Professional St. Louis Basement Foundation Repair

Your basement should never be filled with standing water or be moist due to cracks and leaks. This sort of thing causes mold and mildew to form and also invites little critters into your home that you really don't want there—basement foundation crack repair in St. Louis is performed using industry-leading methods such as polyurethane injection.

You can count on us to have a clear knowledge of how to address your basement cracks so that they never return. Upon arrival, our team will investigate your basement cracks and find out how they occurred in the first place. Once we know, we can make a concise basement foundation repair plan that'll effectively remedy the problem. 

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"If you want FAST, high-quality services, call St. Louis Foundation Repair & Waterproofing. Their crew was at my house within 12 hours of calling and we're able to complete my foundation crack repair the same day as my inspection. Very professional and communicative throughout. Definitely recommend them!"
- Neil Y.

Our Local Foundation Repair Service Areas

St. Louis Foundation Repair & Waterproofing is happy to announce that we've expanded our service area! If you live in or around the neighborhoods of Clayton, Ferguson, Florissant Maryland Heights, and Arnold, MO, and require professional foundation services, we're the crew to call! Remember, we always offer FREE estimates, and our work is 100% guaranteed.

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Great foundation repair services begin and end with our company. We always go the extra mile for our customers. Get in touch with our team today! Call us at (314) 501-9981
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