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Why are you searching for home foundation repair in St Louis? Have you noticed cracks, leaks, or unevenness in your concrete foundation? If so, that's a clear indication that your St. Louis home foundation requires repair. Our team of top-notch structural engineers has an eye for detail and will inspect the area to pinpoint the problem. From there, your case will be turned over to our contractors so that thorough repairs can be made. It's truly a simple process that results in 100% customer satisfaction and success.

We've been in the foundation repair and restoration business for over a decade and have picked up all the tricks of the trade along the way. From industry-leading equipment to continued education, you can count on our crew having all their ducks in a row.

The first step to getting excellent foundation repair services is by calling us right now and scheduling your appointment for a no-cost inspection and estimate. Are you ready to get started?

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Check Out the Most Beneficial Aspects of Pro Foundation Repair:

Home foundation repair for St Louis homes is vital for keeping concrete in good shape. Without it, homes would crumble to the ground. Any discrepancy with your foundation should be addressed by a licensed contractor. Here are some reasons why prompt foundation repair is beneficial:

  • Spares You From Bigger Problems - Neglecting foundation damages can cause you quite a costly headache down the road. From flooded basements to bowing walls, it's incredible what a small crack in the concrete can do.
  • Boosts Home Value - If you're looking to sell your property and have foundation damages, you can forget about that asking price. In many cases, mortgage and insurance companies won't agree to lend and policies for homes that have compromised foundations. Repairing the area increases the value of your property!
  • Personal Comfort - As mentioned before, damaged foundations can cause all sorts of structural problems. Who wants to live in a house where the windows and doors won't function properly?
  • Prevents Flooding - If you have a basement or crawl space and your foundation is damaged, you can bet your bottom dollar that you're going to have issues with flooding. Part of the repair process is to implement waterproofing measures.

We want to stress that swift action in terms of foundation malfunctions is imperative to preserving not only your home but also your landscape. Get in touch with our team today to learn more!

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Putting Off Home Foundation Repair in St. Louis is a Bad Idea

We aren't trying to be hyperbolic, but foundation damages can be a dastardly thing if neglected. You've worked hard for your residence. Don't let your investment take a nose dive due to a faulty foundation that can be repaired. Our residential home foundation repair team in St. Louis is here to make the process safe and smooth for you. However, the longer you put off getting services, the worse the damages will become. You could start seeing windows and doors sticking, sloping floors, bowing walls, and your home could even look crooked on the outside.

In terms of uneven foundations, your landscape could be indirectly affected by poor irrigation resulting in flooding. We know you've always wanted a pond in your yard, but you don't want one via a damaged foundation!

The best thing you can do is have a structural engineer check out those cracks for you.  They may not be sinister in nature at all! But you'll never know until we have a look.

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We're St. Louis' Smartest Residential Foundation Repair Team!

You can count on our crew having a rock-solid plan in place when it comes to our services. St. Louis Foundation Repair & Waterproofing is an all-inclusive company that tackles the most challenging residential and commercial foundation problems.

We're well-versed in both cement and pier & beam foundations, including basements and crawl spaces. Our goal is always to achieve complete customer satisfaction no matter what. We do that by utilizing high-quality tools, equipment, and time-tested methods. In addition, each contractor on our service is fully licensed, insured, and bonded for your protection and ours.

Have you visited our company blog yet? There you'll find vital information on our services and different types of foundation damages to look out for.



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"If you want FAST, high-quality services, call St. Louis Foundation Repair & Waterproofing. Their crew was at my house within 12 hours of calling and we're able to complete my foundation crack repair the same day as my inspection. Very professional and communicative throughout. Definitely recommend them!"
- Neil Y.

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Do you need professional foundation repair services? You're in luck! We provide top-notch basement waterproofing, crawl space care, and a plethora of residential and commercial services for concrete slab and pier & beam foundations.

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Great foundation repair services begin and end with our company. We always go the extra mile for our customers. Get in touch with our team today! Call us at (314) 501-9981
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