Expected Foundation Costs When Fixing a Foundation Crack

January 10, 2023

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Your foundation physically bears the weight of your entire home, so it's crucial to ensure it is structurally sound. Many home foundations develop cracks over time, and this is frequently nothing to be concerned about - it's simply a natural process known as settling. However, even if the cracks in your foundation do not indicate a significant problem, homeowners should ensure they are repaired as soon as possible to avoid worsening or leading to concerns such as air and water intrusion.

Some foundation cracks tend to be serious, while others are not. These are referred to as structural and non-structural cracks. Structural fissures are created by foundation movement and can, if not swiftly corrected, compromise a building's structural stability. Non-structural fractures are generated by concrete shrinkage during the curing process and do not jeopardize the structural integrity of a building. Non-structural cracks, on the other hand, are not innocuous. For example, non-structural, vertical basement wall gaps can allow water to leak through.

 A foundation crack's direction and width can often tell you whether it's a reason for concern. Fortunately, many cracks are primarily cosmetic and may require a cosmetic repair if they are an eyesore. Of the foundation cracks you are likely to find, vertical cracks are the least troublesome and usually the consequence of regular foundation settlement. However, suppose your cracks run diagonally or horizontally through the wall or are large (wider than 1/8 inch). In that case, they are often caused by differential settlement or soil pressure. They may indicate more serious structural issues that require extensive repair.

Can a Foundation Crack Be Fixed?

Fortunately, most foundation cracks are repairable; however, they should be attended to only by an experienced contractor. The most straightforward approach to set your mind at ease is to contact a professional foundation repair contractor for an inspection and quotation. They will be able to inform you whether the cracks are structural or not, as well as your repair alternatives.

If the cost to fix the foundation crack does not add enough value to the home, it may be considered beyond repair. Although extremely rare, this can happen when a foundation has collapsed, and the damage to the house is irrevocable. The following are some of the most acute symptoms of foundation problems that you should address with foundation crack repair right away before your foundation collapses and fails:

  • Cracks that switch directions
  • Bulging walls as a result of water pressure.
  • Sloping and weak floors above the foundation
  • Vertical foundation cracks that are larger at the top than at the bottom
  • You're able to insert a penny into a foundation crack

Contact a competent contractor immediately if you have any of these indices around your property.

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Does Insurance Cover Cracks in Foundation?

A building's foundation is one of its most essential components. If it comes apart or deteriorates, it can seriously compromise the structural integrity of your structure. Earthquakes and flooding are frequently to blame. Foundation cracks, if left untreated, can reduce your home's performance and value.

The cost to fix foundation cracks is quite alarming, making most homeowners seek compensation from their house insurance providers. Can they, however, obtain funding for repairs? What do insurers think about foundation cracks?

Home insurance policies rarely cover foundation damage like cracks. However, whether they will cover the expense is determined by the underlying source of the problem. Therefore, knowing what caused your home's cracks is critical for your safety.

In general, ordinary house insurance covers the occurrences specified in your policy. For example, if cracks appear in your foundation, your insurer is supposed to pay for the repairs. Before getting home insurance, take the time to read and understand the terms and limitations. This way, you can obtain coverage that will protect you and your home's foundation.

Cost to Fix Foundation Cracks with Epoxy

Epoxy injections are one of the most effective treatments for crack repair. Epoxy injection is a technology that welds the crack back together. It restores the original strength and loading of the concrete. Epoxy injections also improve the design and structural qualities of the concrete, making it appear as good as new. In addition, the epoxy seal renders the foundation impervious to air, water, chemicals, debris, and other pollutants. According to the Home Guide, foundation cracks larger than 1/8" wide can be fixed using flexible epoxy injections for $250 to $800 each crack. The more significant inquiry should always be why the gap formed. This issue must be handled so that more critical problems are avoided. If you can measure the length of each crack in your foundation and add them up, you'll have an estimate for foundation injection prices.

foundation crack repair cost

Is It Better to Fix Foundation Crack From the Inside or Outside?

There are numerous ways to mend foundation cracks, which vary depending on variables such as the type of foundation crack, the nature of the soil, the climate, the level of foundation damage, and other unresolved issues. With this information, homeowners frequently ask if it is better to repair a foundation crack from the inside or the outside. Foundation cracks are repairable either from the interior or the exterior. If done correctly, either method is as effective. Sealing gaps from the inside is more typical if a deck or patio is in the way or your basement is unfinished. An exterior technique is often recommended for drywall, paneling, or an obstruction, such as a furnace. A thorough understanding of the cost of fixing foundation cracks will benefit homeowners in preparing their thoughts for what is to come. The cost to fix foundation cracks will range between $250 and $800, according to Home Advisor.


The cost to fix a foundation crack depends on several factors, including what caused the failure in the first place and the kind of home's foundation. Resolving issues with a foundation calls for the expertise of a professional contractor to ensure the structure continues to perform at its best for years to come. Taking care of the problems as soon as they arise will save money and prevent other complications.

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